The I AM STORY Podcast retells the story of a labor struggle that rocked a city and altered our history.

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The History of the 1968 Sanitation Strike

1968. Memphis, Tennessee. The heart of the racially segregated South.

Black sanitation workers faced poverty wages and degrading, dangerous conditions on the job.

The city refused to see the men or hear their grievances.

But after two sanitation workers were crushed to death on the job, 1,300 of their AFSCME Local 1733 brothers said enough is enough, risking everything by going on strike.

They marched in the streets demanding dignity and respect. They wanted recognition of their union…and recognition of their humanity.

The I AM STORY Podcast follows the history of the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike as told by those who experienced it first-hand.

The I AM STORY Podcast builds a narrative that envelops listeners, transporting them back to the streets of Memphis, the sanctuary of Mason Temple, the homes of the workers and the union hall where these American heroes decided to take a stand against injustice.